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Tarik & Mike Stud - You Don't Know Me

do you feel me yo
you dont know me
you you dont know me (come on)
ohhh yea (never will never will)
you dont know me
you you dont know me
ohhh yea (thats it) ohh yea

now if i told you my story would you understand
or would you just turn away like im a homeless man
mommy saying what if music fail you need another plan
im just trying to hold it together like a rubber band
cause see im constantly hearing about how people change
but i got dream thats bigger than woman and fame
not to mention i got these goals i got to obtain
cause im hoping i getting money can heal all my pain
im saying im trying to see my mom stressing over bills no more
so im going to rap and till i dont know how it feel no more
cause thats awfully hard to cope with for now hopeless
is about the only thing keeping me focus
wondering when its going to end like a slow ship
get a check and go broke quick dam that get old quick
thats why i got to make a dope hit before these doors close quick
now wait look how they out here taking shot with no free throwing
when girls dropping to their knees but they aint t blowing
now how i do business when distracted by pleasure
how will i know ill be rewarded for all of my effort
what if i dont get recognition for all my records
and what if im the answer to all my question
but i see i was never been a loser
i aint in to that so next time you quick to criticize
you can consider that

you dont know me
you you dont know me (you never will)
(never will never will)
you dont know me
you you dont know me
ohhh yea ohh yea

see when everything is right doesn’t matter at all
cause i aint scared of heights im terrified of the fall
but all those lonely night i dreamt of having it all
but once its all gone who do we have to call
nah none of yall its for dam sure
but im the reason for the party on the dance floor
this aint a sing along or a party track
this is music from the heart no cardiac
so listen close what i say what i mean
cause everything you see isnt what it seem
cause we all have dream of a better place
but its tough to go big when your feather weight
so would you listen if i told you i was scared
and that i wish the injuring never put me here
yeah i guess we all got a lot to learn
cause not a day goes by that im not concern
and like lebron i got a lot of work in front of me
i got a lot to live up to after 23
great cause what is a gift is a curse
but before the judge you should listen up first
cause you dont know im a middle class kid
and that i work my whole life to get where ive been
nah nothing handed on a silver platter
just a true story and this dream im after

you dont know me (never stop)
you you dont know me
ohhh yeah (never)
you dont know me
you you dont know me
ohhh yea ohh yea
say you you dont know me
you you dont know me
ohhh yea